Honolulu Night Market Review

Do you love night markets? Then you should try Honolulu Night Market as they feature various food vendors, art exhibit (current and upcoming local artists), local shop owners and local entertainment. They never get tired of adding new and unique attraction to a month to month lineup. Yearly, the Honolulu Night Market adds new features, vendors, food trucks and more. 

We usually take a Hawaii limo service as parking can be a little challenging.

But here are things to look forward to: 


This night market gathers various shopping centers that sell unique products such as contemporary women fashion, insulated water bottles, swimwear, tops, pop-up nail bar, men’s streetwear, retail, hats, clothing, accessories, handmade jewelry, and more. There are also vendors that sell original items, matted prints, wood block, giclee, surfboard arts, Hawaiian clothing, jewelry from a reclaim items, and more. Some of the retail vendors include Motives Cosmetics (makeup), Greene Acres, Kulua Designs (Fashion and Wearable), Hawaiian at Art (paintings), Wehiwa (wearable accessories and art), Wahine Toa Designs (wearable art), Harinani Orme (wearable art and painting), Pulama Jewelry (Accessories and Jewelries).

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