Art + Flea Hawaii Event Review

Art + Flea Hawaii Event Review

A flea market is a wonderful place to find unique artworks and other décor items at a very reasonable price. Art + Flea is a one stop market that mostly caters to artworks of local artists. Apart from the art pieces they provide, people can also enjoy other items and foods that are available in the area.

This place also accommodates individuals who want to sell their used art decors. Art + Flea is where you can buy and also sell used and unwanted art materials for a lesser price. Great way to dispose of, earn and purchase unique yet affordable pieces that can make your residence or commercial space classy and refine.  Continue reading “Art + Flea Hawaii Event Review”

Art After Dark Review

A monthly party, Art After Dark is organized by a group of volunteers who are dedicated to exploring arts. The event is held every last Friday of each month and starts from 6 to 9pm. Though it is not held throughout the year, there are many who take advantage of the event and attend it from January till October. It is held at the Honolulu Museum Art grounds and has gathered around 250 people on the first party. As more people learned about the event, there are now more than 2000 people attending the event and are trying to access the museum every month.

How to Join the Event

People who would love to take part in the event should keep in mind that there is an admission fee required for all non-members of the museum. Non-members should pay $25 to enter the event while museum members can attend the event at no cost. Children aged 12 and below who would like to attend the event just have to be accompanied by adults aged 21 and above. Unlike other night parties you can find in other places, this event allows children to attend provided that the one accompanying them will take full responsibility in taking care of them throughout the event and ensure their safety. Continue reading “Art After Dark Review”