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Hawaii Events Reviews

Welcome to Midway Fire, Hawaii’s exclusive online review blog for Hawaii events and happenings.

Most people know Hawaii for its lush green land, beautiful blue waters, surf, palm trees and hula dancers. Yes, that’s all a part of Hawaii’s image and that is how Hawaii is marketed, but there is much more that makes this paradise a special one.

There is also the hospitable people, the diverse culture, the food, unique traditions, the Aloha spirit, the partying and the events.

Midway Fire is dedicated to sharing with the world what goes on beyond what most people see Hawaii as. Here we will share with you, our unique Hawaii event reviews and previews so that if you ever visit the Hawaiian Islands, you can put the events on your buckets list. If you are a local come here to see what’s happening around the island and maybe you’ll find something new!

Aloha always!