Honolulu Night Market Review

Do you love night markets? Then you should try Honolulu Night Market as they feature various food vendors, art exhibit (current and upcoming local artists), local shop owners and local entertainment. They never get tired of adding new and unique attraction to a month to month lineup. Yearly, the Honolulu Night Market adds new features, vendors, food trucks and more. 

We usually take a Hawaii limo service as parking can be a little challenging.

But here are things to look forward to: 


This night market gathers various shopping centers that sell unique products such as contemporary women fashion, insulated water bottles, swimwear, tops, pop-up nail bar, men’s streetwear, retail, hats, clothing, accessories, handmade jewelry, and more. There are also vendors that sell original items, matted prints, wood block, giclee, surfboard arts, Hawaiian clothing, jewelry from a reclaim items, and more. Some of the retail vendors include Motives Cosmetics (makeup), Greene Acres, Kulua Designs (Fashion and Wearable), Hawaiian at Art (paintings), Wehiwa (wearable accessories and art), Wahine Toa Designs (wearable art), Harinani Orme (wearable art and painting), Pulama Jewelry (Accessories and Jewelries).


Food At Honolulu Night Market

There are unlimited things and limitless opportunities in Honolulu Night Market. You can celebrate birthday, vacation, spend quality with partner or even visit alone. You will not just enjoy the products, and entertain, but also the food they provide. Honolulu Night Market offer wide selection of good food. In fact, Ho-oku’I Catering is part of the event, the most popular food provider that serves Inihaw (Filipino term stands for grill). If you love Filipino food, the you can check out Filipino-backyard cooking of inihaw/grilled meats with Abrahan Jazmin’s (with modern touch). Discounts is also available, you can make use of your card and receive ‘one dollar off’ for each nine dollars spent at food vendor. Food vendors that you will constantly encounter includes Mega Load Burgers, Nosh Hawaii, Aloha Pops, Il Gelato, Uahi Grill, Bao Boys, Petit Suisse Crepes, Juic’d Life, Hula Shrimp, Wild Candy Bacon, Crazy Country Corn, Waimanalo Country Farms and Wild Candy Bacon.


Honolulu Night Market Event Review

You will surely enjoy Honolulu Market, the place is alive and kicking. Making people want to party all night long. Music begins around 7:30 in the evening. The performers are great, and live performances and exhibition fashion shows are showcased at the “fashion lane”. You will also find bands, duos and even solo performances. Music makes your stay exciting and worth it. If you plan to visit during summer, there are unlimited talented singers and unique performances that will make you want to visit again. These people are not just talented but good looking too, especially if you’re traveling alone and want to meet one at the end of the day.

Entertainment does not mainly focus on music; you can also watch fashion shows that feature various types of clothing including, urban clothing, sportswear, bikinis, new brands, etc. that are all locally produced. If you want nature, you can just enjoy the beauty of Hawaii and the unique fashion they introduce. They do not mainly cater sportswear but also offer gowns, swim wear, dresses and more; anything from casual to trendy to formal. You will find numerous stunning women wearing these trendy and creative clothes. In addition, you will also find books, tees with a novelty buttons, stickers, cartoon charters for your kids, abstract magazines and more.

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