Art After Dark Review

A monthly party, Art After Dark is organized by a group of volunteers who are dedicated to exploring arts. The event is held every last Friday of each month and starts from 6 to 9pm. Though it is not held throughout the year, there are many who take advantage of the event and attend it from January till October. It is held at the Honolulu Museum Art grounds and has gathered around 250 people on the first party. As more people learned about the event, there are now more than 2000 people attending the event and are trying to access the museum every month.

How to Join the Event

People who would love to take part in the event should keep in mind that there is an admission fee required for all non-members of the museum. Non-members should pay $25 to enter the event while museum members can attend the event at no cost. Children aged 12 and below who would like to attend the event just have to be accompanied by adults aged 21 and above. Unlike other night parties you can find in other places, this event allows children to attend provided that the one accompanying them will take full responsibility in taking care of them throughout the event and ensure their safety.

Getting in the venue is not really a problem provided that you follow the instructions. When you arrive at the gate, you will have to follow in which line you should line up. There is a line for museum members while there is another line for non-members who will have to pay for the admission fee. You can use your credit card for paying the fee in case you are not used to carrying money.

For those who would like to enter the venue or are planning to book for tickets, the event organizers are not pre-selling admission for the event. This means that everyone who wants to attend the event must be there on time to get into the event and enjoy the art party.

What to Expect

Every month, the organizers are presenting new themes that will give people the advantage of checking out something new from the event. This April, Kona Brewing Co. is presenting the “Plastic Fantastic?” in the event.

For every event that they hold each month, there are particular games that they organize and where people can participate. The prizes are exciting, which makes many attendees try to join and participate. Usually, the prices include table reservation and a wine while the previous games have different prizes given.

What each monthly party offers are both entertainment and art. This means that attendees can get to appreciate art and at the same time be entertained with how the entire party is planned. There are foods and drinks that everyone can enjoy and are sure to make the event more fun and exciting. You will not have to think of the monthly parties as useless as with each month, the organizers have different advocacies to promote and where people with the same concerns enjoy.

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